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About Us

Mission Statement

REVUP develops products to help individuals and families that are invested in their health and wellness obtain natural energy products at an affordable price; while providing exceptional customer service, giving back to communities, and believing in our employees.  

Core Values

  • Inspire individuals to live healthy

  • Educate on natural energy options

  • Build passion around communities and families

  • ALWAYS go the extra mile


We founded WWW.REVUPENERGYDRINK.COM on our love for quality drinks and our passion for a healthier alternative to the energy drinks found in stores. REVUP Energy first started with as a coffee stand concentrate products in 2018, where it was created solely for Gourmet Latte coffee stands in the PNW. In late 2019, we explored the expansion of additional coffee stands. We also incorporated the brand into our passion, the automotive and racing communities. We attended multiple automotive and racing events throughout the years promoting the brand. We also host our very own annual car show that raises funds for the Epilepsy Foundation of Washington. In 2020 our customers kept begging us for cans, as they complained about needing an easier way to consume on the go. In 2024, after multiple years of trial and error, we brought cans to market. We are now happy to share our greatest best kept secret with the world. Fuel your adrenaline and partner with REVUP.

About REVUP: About Us


Today’s Energy drinks contain synthetic/artificial ingredients that create a stress response in the body and the release of stress hormones and cortisol. This dramatically raises blood sugar that crashes to below normal levels shortly after. REVUP features plant-based ingredients, giving you longer lasting natural energy with a smoother landing. 

As an energy concentrate, REVUP is eco-friendly and offers you the operational convenience and speed, so you can say goodbye to stacks of cans and enjoy the benefits of making your own drinks at home! REVUP is the health-boosting energy drink powered by nature’s most delicious botanicals. We blend lotus leaves, Arabica coffee beans, rhodiola rosea, amino acids, and pure cane sugar to deliver long-lasting energy without the crash.

All of our varieties are free of synthetic flavors and ingredients to ensure the best quality, taste, and health benefits. 

Made locally in the Northwest, REVUP is mouth-wateringly fresh. Experience the ultimate energy today!

About REVUP: About Us
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