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REVUP Media Coverage

REVUP hosts or is a part of many car-related events in the PNW. Here you will find some of our YouTube content known as "REVUP RIDE REVIEWS"

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Thank you Ricky for the 2021 Legend Season

This year REVUP Energy sponsored a wonderful friend by the name of Ricky Arnold. Ricky has a history of being behind the wheel, but this was the first time in the last few years. Ricky's son Danny is also an avid racer in the midget series here in the PNW. Thank you Ricky for the wonderful year!

REVUP Media: Video

Express Rally Southern 2021

We got invited to join the Southern Express Rally as one of their sponsors and it was an amazing trip. We flew over to Fayetteville, Arkansas where the group met to kick off the rally. From there we made 4 stops before reaching Dallas. From the road track day to the fun GoKarting day, the Southern Express Rally was an amazing experience put on by Express Rally. We are extremely excited to be a sponsor for the PNW Express Rally and will be posting more content as the season approaches.

REVUP Media: Video
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